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您是否预定了明天早晨9点送机场的服务? Whether you made a reservation at 9 o 'clock tomorrow morning to send the airport service? 您是否预定了今天下午4点接机服务呢? Whether you made a reservation at 4 o 'clock this afternoon pi...

能否提供接送机服务? Whether airport transportation service is provided? Can you provide airport transportation service? 希望可以帮到你 望采纳

海关是gate,行李托运是baggage 或luggage check in, 一路顺风简单点就have a nice trip,登机牌是boarding check,护照是passport,安检 security check。希望对你有帮助

“接机”等同于把人接回来,所以英文通常讲pickup at the airport. “送机”如果是朋友,就用see off,但是你们是做生意的,通常只做到送到机场就完事,所以要用send to the airport就够了,多了就太过造作了。 The hotel will make arrangements to...

Price list for airport shuttle service We offer airport car service. If need,please contact front desk receptionist 24 hours in advance. 80 RMB/Per Time 楼上没有权利评论别人的翻译,问问题者自己有自己的选择标准。

Pick up the delivery

Hi, I've made a reservation for 3 nights from Aug. 26-29 from www.agoda.com. My reservation number is: xxx. I am going to take AK542 on Aug. 26th from Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap. We arrive at 7:50 am. I'm wondering if you have a...

I am calling for booking a airport delivery service for my boss, his name is ..., time is.....,airplane number is....

出迎(でむか)え demukae


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